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Ensure that your home is properly protected with storm door installation.

Severe weather can be damaging to your property. Whether it is large hail, excessive rain causing flooding, extreme winds and debris, or all of the above, protecting your property in times of stormy weather is a necessity when you live in certain areas. If you are in the Wilmington, North Carolina area, you are no stranger to strong weather. Located right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, this area experiences heavy rainfall and hurricane-force winds on a semi-regular basis. Protecting your home is done in many ways, including with storm doors. If you have been looking for ways to protect your home from strong weather while also keeping it efficient and comfortable, our team at Port City Hurricane Shutters can help with storm door installation services.

While storm doors make for a wonderful layer of protection from strong weather, many of their benefits become moot if they are not installed properly. In order for a storm door to be effective, it needs to be level, plumb, and sit flush in the frame. Even small imperfections can lessen the effectiveness of your door and allow in leaks of water or air. With our professional storm door installation services, our customers can feel confident that their door will be strong and secure.

If you are looking for help with your storm door installation, we are here for you. Because of our experience and expertise, we are able to deliver quality results in an efficient timeframe. For more information about our storm doors or installation, please contact us today.

FAQs About Storm Door Installation

At Port City Hurricane Shutters, we understand that the first step to protecting your Wilmington, North Carolina home from the dangers severe weather pose is getting answers to your questions. We are dedicated to making certain you have no unanswered questions when it comes to storm door installation. Here are a few questions that we have been asked in the past that can give you a better understanding of this vital service.

How can I use my door if there is a storm door in place?

There are different types of entry doors that we can protect with storm door installation, as well as different types of storm doors. Some types do not permit ingress/egress while they are in place, but you wouldn’t want to be out running around in a storm anyway! Don’t worry– we won’t leave you with no way to get out in an emergency. We’ll provide the best solutions for all your doors for optimal protection while still being able to use at least one door to enter or leave your home.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer a one-year installation warranty on anything we install (as long as the issue hasn’t been caused by user error) and a five-year warranty on motors.

Why should I choose you for storm door installation?

There are several reasons, but one of the top ones is that as we don’t just follow North Carolina standards, but instead we choose to abide by the more stringent ones that Florida has in place. By making sure your storm door installation is done to their high standards, we are confident your home will have the protection it needs for the storms we get in our area.