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We provide shutter repair whether we installed the shutters or not.

Some area hurricane shutter companies won’t service products that others have installed. At Port City Hurricane Shutters, we’re happy to service and repair all existing systems! Our experience with various types of shutters puts us in the position to solve most problems, and our integrity means that is what we’ll do, instead of trying to pressure you into purchasing a new storm protection system. We’re prepared to repair everything from roll-down shutters to Bahama shutters!

Shutter Repair in Wilmington, North Carolina

If another company told you that shutter repair is impossible, we urge you to call us for a second opinion before investing in replacement shutters, at no charge. Our goal is to save you money, provided the shutter repair gives you the hurricane protection you desire. You are free to inquire about new shutters if you wish, but that is not the main reason for our visit to your home. We will give you an accurate assessment of your hurricane shutters to make an informed decision about proceeding with shutter repair or using the funds to upgrade to a product manufactured based on Florida regulations and requirements.

If you are looking for a hurricane shutter company with strong business ethics to provide you with shutter repair or new hurricane protection, you have come to the right place. We will sell you what you need, nothing more. Call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation at your Wilmington, North Carolina home.


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