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Wilmington, North Carolina is an appealing area. The coastal location provides access to the beach, while the moderate climate allows you to spend plenty of time outdoors. However, this area has also been hit by hurricanes and other tropical storms in the past, so those who reside here must be aware of the risks and protect their properties with storm window shutters. At Port City Hurricane Shutters, we work diligently to provide solutions to local property owners, including various types of hurricane window protection.

Hurricane Window Protection in Wilmington, North Carolina

Many of our clients choose hurricane shutters, which come in a range of styles. Roll-up and roll-down hurricane shutters work well if you only want to cover your windows when a storm is blowing through. Bahama and Bermuda shutters remain in place at all times, as do accordion shutters. These styles can also add to the visual appeal of your structure. Storm window covers are also available, which are more cost-effective than other hurricane window protection options. We offer storm panels and clear hurricane panels that allow you to maintain your view when a storm is blowing through the area.

Hurricane window protection is a must to prevent extensive damage to your home. When installing any type of protection, we follow the strict engineering standards set by the state of Florida, where the standards are stricter than any other state in the United States. You can feel confident that the hurricane window protection we install on your structure will provide the highest level of protection.