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Severe weather is tough on doors, so ask us how to make yours stronger.

When most people think about hurricane protection, they are concerned mostly with getting the windows covered. The idea of high winds blowing in a window or wind-blown debris ending up inside and potentially causing damage is reason enough to have hurricane shutters on your windows. It might seem like your doors are enough, but the reality is that storm doors are a great way to prevent water intrusion and have peace of mind for your Wilmington, North Carolina family’s safety.

Storm Doors in Wilmington, North Carolina

At Port City Hurricane Shutters, we offer patio storm doors, metal storm doors, retractable screen storm doors and full glass storm doors. We include a one-year installation warranty on anything we install that covers everything except user error.

We take the time to explain your options and answer your questions. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your storm protection. We are also here to help if you have storm doors you purchased from someone else that aren’t performing as they should. We can take a look and see if the problem was a poor installation, defective product, or something else. We will do our best to repair your storm doors, but we can also quote you for replacement storm doors if that proves impossible. Call today to learn more about our storm doors.


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