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We follow strict engineering standards when installing roll-down hurricane shutters to maximize your safety.

Hurricanes can bring drastically different climate conditions. One hurricane might bring heavy rainfall, while another might come with major winds that uproot trees and cause debris to go flying around in its path. No matter what climate conditions come with hurricanes, it’s important to protect your home from the damaging effects that they can cause. Even a category-one hurricane can bring winds of up to 95 mph, while a category-four storm could have winds of up to 156 mph. Wind blowing in these speed ranges can take out trees and blow the shingles right off your roof.

Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters in Wilmington, North Carolina

Protecting your home often involves having components installed that can prevent certain types of damage. Glass is particularly susceptible to the effects of a hurricane, so covering your windows with effective protection is a must when you live in an area like Wilmington, North Carolina, where hurricanes are fairly common. Full aluminum roll-down shutters also help to prevent water from intruding through your window seams, or under exterior doors and sliders. Our team at Port City Hurricane Shutters specializes in a range of hurricane protection options, including roll-down hurricane shutters. These shutters are popular among homeowners because they provide the necessary protection when you need it, but don’t have to block your ocean views when the weather is clear.

Roll-down hurricane shutters can be pulled, cranked or motorized down over your windows when a storm draws near. You can maintain the protection you need and reduce the risk of damage to your windows and the interior of your structure. We follow strict engineering standards when installing roll-down hurricane shutters to maximize your safety. Roll-down shutters also offer added security should you leave town and energy efficiency with heating and cooling savings. They can even keep the salt and sandy elements from entering your home. Give us a call to request a free estimate for hurricane protection at your home.


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