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Hurricanes are invisible giants: with a single blow of wind, they can tear a whole house apart. Luckily, years of exposure to natural phenomenon has led us to design effective ways to protect our properties and families from disaster. Getting Port City hurricane shutters is a great start to turning your home into a shield, but you should also know which parts of your house are an easy target for heavy storms to be even better prepared.

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Parts of a Home That Need the Most Protection


Your main door should only welcome guests, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common entry points for wind and water during a hurricane. Even a category one of this weather event sustains winds of 75 mph, which can carry tree branches and heavy rain into your house. Doors are usually made of absorbent wood, which wears down and gets moldy due to water exposure. If you don’t want wind and water damage on your door, you can install storm shutters and close them when a natural disaster is in sight. 


Doors aren’t the only parts of your house that can let a storm in, as your windows also work as a gateway to your home. A typical house has an average of eight windows, which means there are many access points for a hurricane to exert pressure, enter, and wreak havoc in your rooms. Strong winds carry debris, tree branches, and heavy objects that can break the glass and hurt your furniture and family. By installing hurricane shutters and reinforcing the windows, you decrease your chances of destroyed rooms and visits to the hospital.

Garage Doors 

Garage doors might protect your car during a slight rainfall, but they’re no match against hurricanes. The hinges of these doors aren’t prepared to withstand heavy winds, so they break easily and send your garage door flying. Without a door, water can get inside and jeopardize your property. 


Having a roof over your head to protect you against natural disasters is a blessing, but hurricanes can turn this benefit into a nightmare. Hurricanes that rank high on the Saffir-Simpson scale can carry a massive amount of water, penetrating your roof and creating your personal storm in your home. Aside from indoor flooding, intense storms can hit and break your roof tiles, giving water room to enter and deal a blow to your treasured belongings. 

Before your next storm, consider installing roof covers, which absorb high quantities of water and help you resist a hurricane. Picking another roofing material that doesn’t break as easily is also a helpful tip to protect your home. 

Other Useful Tips to Follow During a Hurricane

  • Have an inventory of all your important things to keep better track of them. 
  • Keep flashlights around in case of a power outage. 
  • Have enough food and water ready. 
  • Write and program emergency numbers. 
  • Find the closest shelter and the route to get there. 
  • Buy an emergency kit.

Port City Hurricane Shutters installed in a residential property

Looking for Port City Hurricane Shutters?

If you believe your windows and doors leave you exposed to hurricane damage, Port City Hurricane Shutters has your back. We can install, repair, and maintain shutters and panels to fit your needs before the next weather event. Contact our team today and schedule an appointment to give our services a try!