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Your windows can suffer due to strong winds, debris, water, and tree branches. Installing storm window shutters is an excellent start if you want to feel safe. Call today!

People in North Carolina are more than aware that different meteorological phenomena can strike and put their houses in jeopardy. After all, hurricanes have wreaked havoc in the coastal state seven times since 2000. The state’s climate also makes it prone to experiencing heavy storms and rainfall that can affect residents’ property and lifestyle.

These facts highlight the need to protect your house from different conditions that are a product of storms and hurricanes, and storm window shutters may be a great starting point to achieve that.

examples of storm window shutters glass that got broken

Shutters can Protect Your Residence from These Weather Conditions 

  • Strong winds. Category one hurricanes don’t sound menacing to the inexperienced, but even the least dangerous version of this phenomenon causes currents that result in damaged roofs, windows, and gutters. Winds at this point also sustain a speed of 74 to 95 miles per hour, which can be devastating for glass windows.

There doesn’t have to be a hurricane for your house to be at risk. Winds caused by heavy storms can also severely damage your windows.

Storm window shutters made of durable, rock-solid aluminum are ready to repel such winds and shield your windows from permanent damage while keeping you safe.

  • Debris. Strong winds and heavy rainfall can bring about consequences even for the most durable-looking homes. Water and wind carry debris from damaged buildings and residences, which can be damaging to your home and deadly to those inside.

When shut, the structure of both roll-down and Bahama storm window shutters allows them to keep you and your family safe inside your well-equipped home until the storm is gone.

  • Water. People usually think of water as a substance that brings life, peace, and quiet. However, when paired with hurricanes and storms, it becomes a weapon that can leave you with damaged property and a stressful situation to solve.

Hurricanes can produce storm surges reaching up to six feet at their low point and up to 20 feet in more catastrophic scenarios. Hence, they are considered one of the biggest threats to people living in coastal areas and their residences.

Storm window shutters to be installed

Hurricanes also carry heavy and lasting rainfall wherever they go, severely damaging windows, walls, doors, and roofs.

Storm window shutters are a great way to defend the glass surrounding your house from breaking due to water pressure and force, giving you one less problem to think about during such scary times.

  • Branches. Small tree branches and deeply-rooted trees are likely to shake or fall when exposed to speedy, strong winds and vast amounts of water. Wood and glass don’t mix since branches can smash and destroy your windows during a hurricane or heavy storm.

If a professional installs your storm window shutters, they can stop tree branches from causing permanent damage to your property and help you keep your mind at ease until the storm goes. It is also essential to maintain shutters properly by cleaning them every three to four months to free them from dirt and grime, and by lubricating their guide rails and bearings.

broken windows because it is not storm window shutters

Are You Looking to Protect Your Home with Storm Window Shutters?

Port City Hurricane Shutters is ready to solve your problem if you are concerned about your windows breaking during storms or hurricanes. Contact our team to make an appointment and have our top-quality products installed immediately.