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Few good feelings match a cold breeze or a splash of freezing water during a summer day. Yet, these enjoyable conditions can become dangerous and harmful when they adopt other forms. In 2022, Florida ended the year with a near-normal hurricane season. This expression might not sound alarming on paper, but the state still suffered from several storms and two major hurricanes. If you live in the area or a place with similar weather conditions, you should learn how much damage winds and water cause and why installing hurricane screens before the next storm is a good call.

Hurricane screens protecting home against damageShould I Be More Scared of The Wind or Water?

Hurricanes are mighty storms characterized by strong winds and heavy rainfall. Even those that fall under the first category produce winds of up to 95 miles per hour, making trees fall and causing flooding the streets. People mainly associate hurricanes with wind moving in a circular motion and destroying whatever comes their way, but this fact is only a part of the story.  

Even though high-speed winds carry branches and objects that damage houses and injure people, water is the true force to be reckoned with during a hurricane. The torrential rain and rising sea level can make water crash against your property and destroy your prized possessions. 

Installing hurricane screens is an effective way to shield your home from water and wind damage, and it also offers other benefits that make this house protection method one of the favorites among homeowners. However, you can also follow other tips to stay safe during a storm, such as:

  • Staying indoors 
  • Not coming into contact with water 
  • Not using electronic equipment with an outlet power source

Why Should You Get Hurricane Screens?

Increased Home Security

Hurricane screens protect you from strong winds and heavy rain and keep intruders away from your house. Hurricane screens are robust surfaces, meaning you can’t break them with a simple blow. Therefore, people who try to break in will likely give up on the first try and leave your home alone. 

Energy Efficient

Aside from giving your house an extra layer of protection against robbers, hurricane screens save you money on electricity bills. Florida summers are humid and hot, so you’re always inclined to turn on your AC to combat the scorching temperatures.  

When you have hurricane screens, you can use them to keep UV rays and sunlight out of your house, making every room cooler and not having to use your air conditioner all the time. Fewer hours of AC mean a more energy-efficient household and fewer zeros on your bills at the end of the summer months. 

Less Noise

Hurricane screens can reduce the amount of sunlight entering your house and do the same with sound. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a busy street, you’re familiar with how stressful strong sounds can be, especially at night. The thickness of hurricane screens makes them soundproof, so you can use them to keep loud sounds outside while you enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

home equipped with Hurricane screens

Are You Looking for Hurricane Screens in Florida?

Even though water damage is more significant during a hurricane, strong winds and other weather conditions can leave your house in shambles. Our team offers hurricane screens and shutters to protect your family and home during any weather event. Contact us today to get a free quote!