The Benefits of Hurricane Shutters in North Carolina

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If you live in a place like Florida, you know that having hurricane shutters on your home is going to come in handy. It isn’t a matter of if there will be another hurricane, but a matter of when it will happen. The last thing you want is for it to happen before you’ve protected your home and family with hurricane shutters. Florida has had 324 hurricanes since the mid-1800s. By comparison, North Carolina has had 195 in the same time period. While that is quite a few less, it is enough to make adding hurricane shutters to your home well worth the investment.

The Benefits of Hurricane Shutters in North Carolina

Oddly enough, despite being on the coastline, the shutters Wilmington, North Carolina area has only experienced 7 hurricanes between 2000 and the present. However, anyone who has been here to experience T.S. Beryl in 2012, Kyle in 2002, Bertha in 1996, or Florence in 2018 can attest that it only takes one to make you happy you have hurricane shutters. If are comforted by that low number, you should also think about other benefits that you can enjoy with hurricane shutters.

Hurricane shutters protect your home from more than hurricanes. Even severe weather can be frightening and dangerous enough to blow debris through a window. If you want to enjoy your vacations with more peace of mind, hurricane shutters can be put in place to protect against vandalism and theft.

If you would like the peace of mind that comes with having hurricane shutters, reach out to us at Port City Hurricane Shutters. With the current La Niña climate pattern, the National Weather Service Center has warned about above-normal temperatures. This could mean an extremely active hurricane season ahead. Let us help you be prepared for hurricanes and gain the other benefits that hurricane shutters have to offer.