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For people living in coastal states, being hurricane-ready is a must. However, installing top-quality shutters in Wilmington, NC, is not enough to prevent storms from tearing your windows and doors to shreds; maintenance is just as essential to get the job done. Professionals can teach you how to tell when your window shutters need a touch-up or change and how to make them last longer, so you can feel safe in case a natural disaster is near. 

Shutters Wilmington NC before hurricane

When Should I Call a Professional for Window Shutter Maintenance?

Tracks Got Stuck in Place 

If you heard a hurricane was coming and you had no luck closing your shutter, there’s a problem with your tracks. When you don’t clean your tracks regularly, debris, small branches, and even animal nests can get in the way and give you a hard time setting your shutters in place. Even if cleaning does the trick, the remains can cause long-term damage by corroding and sticking to the shutter’s structure. This situation signals it’s time for a professional to take a look before a storm comes. 

Slats Are Bent or Broken

You might be able to open and close your window shutters correctly, but they’ll be no good when their slats are bent or broken. Even category one hurricanes are dangerous, with winds that carry long branches and affect electric poles. If your slats are damaged, they won’t be able to withstand such weather conditions, letting in substances that can break your windows and even destroy the inside of your house. 

Before the next hurricane season, check if your slats have changed their color or shape or if they are bent in an incorrect position. 

Your Shutters Drip Water

If this isn’t your window shutters’ first rodeo, they may have leakages that will affect their performance during future hurricanes. Even the best Bahama or roll-down shutters can meet their match in humid and stormy weather, which can break or weaken the seals that keep water out. Poor installation can also be the culprit behind poor seal conditions and shutter leaking inside your home. 

Leaks might be easy to manage during sunny days, but they can let debris and water inside when the weather is more dangerous, putting your things and family at risk. Leaks are a clear symptom of shutters needing replacement, so be sure to call a professional if they appear. 

How Do I Make My Window Shutters Last Longer?

Oil Moving Parts

If your window shutters haven’t reached the point of no return yet, oiling their tracks and moving parts can keep them up and running for longer. Lubricating the tracks once every few months prevents them from getting stuck in place when you close them before a storm.

Clean Your Tracks

Cleaning your window tracks with warm water, soap, and a brush from time to time removes any substance that can keep you from closing your shutters when you need it the most. Ideally, do it once every three or four months for shutters in tip-top shape. 

Open and Close Your Shutters

If you only close your shutters when a storm is coming, you’ll only know something’s wrong when it’s too late. Try opening and closing them once in a while to catch problems early and keep the hinges working. 

Shutters Wilmington NC before hurricane

Looking for Shutters Maintenance in Wilmington, NC?

Stuck tracks, broken slats, and leakages are early signs to tell your window shutters won’t make it past the next hurricane season. Call us today for expert maintenance services that can take your shutters from worn-out to brand-new in no time!