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Hurricanes and tropical storms are Mother Nature’s way of reminding us who’s in charge. Although nobody can control when or where a hurricane will hit, you can ensure your safety and minimize potential property damage by being prepared. If you own a waterfront home, installing storm smart hurricane shutters is one of the best ways to do just that.

waterfront homes needing storm smart hurricane shutters

Hurricane Preparedness: How to Protect Your Waterfront Home

Taking steps to prepare for hurricane season goes a long way in preventing any damage to yourself, possessions, and property. Besides listening to hurricane warnings, following guidelines could make a difference for whatever the weather throws your way.

Decide on Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Routes

Every member of your household should know your emergency procedures and evacuation routes by heart. Have an emergency kit, candles, batteries, potable water, no-cook food for several meals, and other essentials.

Contact Your Insurance

If your waterfront home is likely to be affected by an impending storm, it’s best to contact your insurance right away. You’ll want to set up a pre-loss inspection so that they can inspect your pile foundations, seawalls, docks, and boathouses. Once they’ve identified areas needing maintenance, promptly address them to minimize the damage a hurricane can do.

Document, Store, and Secure Your Possessions

You’ll want to take pictures or video of anything that a storm could affect, including your deck, seawall, and home exterior. If a hurricane does strike, documentation is crucial for insurance claims. Taking good pictures and notes will give you ensures that you’re covered.

Since hurricane-force winds can quickly move items such as patio furniture, deck ropes, potted plants, and flags, storing them in a secure building is best. It would be best if you also secured your water vessels in dry storage or anchorage, whether at your dock or offshore.

Additionally, you’ll want to store your important documents and irreplaceable items in a safe location. If you can’t bring these items when evacuating, you should keep them somewhere high to ensure protection when a storm surge threatens your waterfront property.

Protect Your Doors

Installing impact-resistant doors allows you to protect your home from flying debris, strong winds, and increased flooding. For this reason, it’s best to consider storm doors for entryways into your property and storm screens to minimize damage to your outdoor living areas. Storm doors are made of special fiberglass or aluminum construction with reinforced jambs that help keep your property safe from heavy winds, driving rain, and debris impacts.

Protect Your Windows

Since windows can be the most vulnerable areas in the middle of a storm, you’ll want to install hurricane door shutters to ensure that your windows have the proper reinforcement and protection. Otherwise, the damage could extend from the windows to your possessions, or anyone in your family could be injured if they’re too near the windows when the hurricane strikes.

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Looking for High-Quality Storm Smart Hurricane Shutters?

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