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If you’ve ever found yourself in the path of a hurricane, you know the drill: batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies, and brace for impact. In that process, hurricane screens are a crucial element you shouldn’t overlook. Think of them as the guardians of your home, standing strong against the elements, and offering you the peace of mind to ride out the storm in comfort and security. 

In this blog, we’ll give you some answers to frequently asked questions about hurricane screens and highlight why they’re a wise investment before storm season. 

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Get Answers to FAQ About Hurricane Screens

Do Hurricane Screens Really Work? 

Hurricane screens are not your ordinary window covers. They’re made of robust materials designed to withstand the wrath of hurricanes and storms, and usually consist of a combination of strong fabrics and reinforced frames. 

The fabric is tightly woven, creating a barrier that can stop flying debris and wind from causing damage to your home. The frames, often made of durable aluminum, provide structural support to keep the screens in place during turbulent weather. So, yes, hurricane screens really work by offering reliable window storm protectors -protection when you need it most. 

Are Hurricane Screens Expensive? 

When you compare the cost of hurricane screens to other options like impact-resistant windows or shutters, you’ll often find that they are more budget-friendly. 

Impact-resistant windows require replacing your existing windows, and shutters often involve the installation of additional structures on your home’s exterior. With hurricane screens, you can often retrofit them onto your existing windows and openings, reducing the overall cost of installation.  

Moreover, the materials used in storm smart hurricane screens, such as reinforced fabric and aluminum frames, tend to be more cost-effective than the specialized materials required for impact-resistant windows.  

Do Hurricane Screens Add Value to a Home? 

When you have hurricane screens installed, it can make your home more attractive to potential buyers because they see it as a well-protected and safer place to live. Having hurricane screens may also lead to lower insurance costs, which can make your home more affordable in the long run.  

Do Hurricane Screens Block the Wind? 

Hurricane screens block the wind using their strong, tight composition to create a protective barrier over windows and openings. While some air might still pass through, the majority of the strong wind is kept outside, providing roll down shutters protection and reducing the force of the wind inside your home.  

Can Hurricane Screens Be Installed on All Types of Homes? 

Absolutely! Hurricane screens are flexible and can be installed on various types of homes, from cozy cottages to high-rise condos and even commercial properties. They offer protection no matter where you call home. 

Do Hurricane Screens Require Maintenance? 

While hurricane screens don’t need constant attention, it’s wise to give them an occasional once-over for any wear and tear. A little TLC in the form of simple cleaning and regular checks with professionals will keep them in tip-top shape, ready to shield your home when needed. 

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Ready to Fortify Your Home Against Hurricanes with Hurricane Screens? 

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