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Living in a coastal area has many benefits, but it also comes with certain challenges, such as having to face severe weather events. Hurricane Bahama shutters are the go-to solution for many people trying to protect their homes from dangerous water and wind forces. However, despite their proven effectiveness, several misconceptions about these shutters –storm protectors for windows, may be holding some homeowners back from making the investment.

Let’s shine a light on some of the most pervasive myths about hurricane Bahama shutters and set the record straight.

Durable Hurricane Bahama shutters

Debunking Misconceptions About Hurricane Bahama Shutters

Myth #1: You Only Need Hurricane Bahama shutters If You Live in Hurricane-prone Areas

While it’s true that homes in hurricane-prone areas are at greater risk of water and wind damage, any building located near a coastal area can benefit from the protection of Bahama shutters. Even if your home isn’t where hurricanes usually hit, it may still be vulnerable to aggressive weather conditions, such as thunderstorms or tornadoes.

Since Bahama shutters are designed to protect your windows and doors from high winds, flying debris, and heavy rain, they are a good match for houses everywhere.

Myth #2: Hurricane Bahama Shutters are Too Expensive

The money you spend on Bahama shutters can vary depending on the size of your windows, the material you choose, and whether you install them yourself or hire a professional. However, when considering the cost of potential damage to your home from a hurricane or storm, Bahama shutters are a cost-effective investment.

Bahama shutters also keep your house cool by blocking sunlight during hot summer days, saving you money on energy bills for turning on the AC.

Myth #3: Hurricane Bahama Shutters Worsen a House’s Aesthetics

Many people assume that Bahama shutters are bulky and unappealing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bahama shutters come in various materials, colors, and finishes and can be customized to fit your home’s appearance. They can add an element of style to your home while providing critical protection during severe weather events.

Myth #4: Hurricane Bahama Shutters are Difficult to Maintain

Contrary to popular belief, Bahama shutters require little maintenance beyond regular cleaning. You can use a hose, pressure washer, and mild detergent to remove accumulated dirt and debris. You can also use a brush to get to hard-to-reach corners and make sure the shutters will close properly when the time comes. Bahama shutters are also durable, lasting many years before needing replacement.

Myth #5: Hurricane Bahama Shutters are Not Effective at Protecting Against Severe Weather Events

Although there are many options to protect your home during a hurricane, Bahama shutters still stand as one of the most effective ones on the market. Not only are they resistant to the effects of hurricanes and storms, but they’re also easy to operate during emergencies. All it takes is a secure push to close your shutters and quickly secure your home in the event of a dangerous weather event.

By keeping your Bahama shutters closed when you’re out of the house, you also get extra protection against intruders who try to get inside your home.

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Looking for Hurricane Bahama Shutters to Protect Your Home?

Hurricane Bahama shutters are an effective and worthy investment for any homeowner living in a coastal area. By debunking these common myths, our team wants to help you understand the benefits of Bahama shutters and make informed decisions. Feel free to call us today if you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment, and get a free quote!