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Experts confirm that the annual cost to households from hurricane damage is around $34 million! As property values skyrocket post-pandemic, you’re probably looking to make a smart investment in hurricane storm screens. After all, these screens can protect the single most valuable asset you have: your home.

a home with Storm Smart Hurricane Screens

A Closer Look at Hurricane Screens

What Exactly Are They?

Hurricane screens are sheets of material installed to protect your windows and doors. Moreover, if strong storms pick up flying debris and smash open these vulnerable parts, they’ll risk your home’s entire structure.

As debris and wind enter your home through a compromised opening, your home’s air pressure changes rapidly and intensely. Unfortunately, changes in air pressure can quickly rip your roof right off, whether in part or whole. Since top-quality hurricane screens keep debris at bay, they prevent these metaphorical missiles aimed at your home from starting a horrific chain reaction.

Why Should I Install Them?

They Offer High-Quality Protection

Since hurricane screens can sustain the high-impact force, they can block 95-97% of debris, wind, and rain. Think of them as sideways-mounted, high-tech trampolines that cause wind, rain, and debris to bounce off them upon contact.

They’re Versatile

Besides protecting your home’s windows and doors, you can also customize them to meet your property’s unique needs. For example, you can use them to enclose open areas such as your porch, patio, balcony, or lanais. Commercial properties such as shopfronts can also benefit from the protection these hurricane screens provide.

They Provide UV Protection

Besides causing premature skin aging, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to liver spots, solar elastosis, and actinic keratosis. They can also burn the transparent part of your eye called the cornea.

Most people don’t usually consider the UV protection needed in their homes. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t care if it’s shining out those harmful UV rays on your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Thankfully, hurricane screens can double as a sunshade by keeping the worst of the sun’s rays at bay when they would otherwise shine right into your house.

They’re Energy Efficient

Besides limiting the UV rays, light, and heat entering your home, installing hurricane screens helps cool your home even without your A/C being turned on. These minor adjustments to your home’s energy usage can significantly reduce your monthly expenses.

For this reason, storm smart hurricane screens are an obvious choice for those who want to cut down their energy costs.

They’re Affordable

Although screen prices may vary, they typically fall in the low-to-moderate range. For this reason, they’re a popular choice among homeowners looking to protect large, open spaces such as carports and walkways. What’s more, hurricane screens are durable and low-maintenance.

They’re Easy Exit Points

Hurricane shutters won’t trap you and your family in the house if the power goes out because they offer an easy exit point. If you have to break through them to escape, you won’t spend a fortune on replacements.

blue-colored Storm Smart Hurricane Screens

Looking for Top-Quality Storm Smart Hurricane Screens?

At Port City Hurricane Shutters, we’re committed to installing hurricane shutters to exact product engineering standards. Moreover, these standards are stricter than anywhere else in the country.

Since our business is ASSA-certified as a hurricane shutter manufacturer, our products stand up to strict inspection codes and quality control. Feel free to reach out to us with questions you might have or make an appointment to learn more and get a free quote.